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By Jace Vishus, Mortal Instruments, Movies, Reviews, Stardust and Shadowhunters

You’re not a mundane – City of Bones Movie Mini-Review

For some awful reason, critics don’t seem to be responding too well to the City of Bones movie.

You don't know the first thing about me.

I’m not exactly sure how they could possibly not like it. Currently at a 16% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes (x), COB has received a whopping 81% from fans. I’ve never seen a difference like that before, but I’ll be siding with the fans.

There is a world hidden within our own.

While it’s true that the movie wasn’t 100% true to the books, I think it was pretty accurate. Taking into consideration the size of the book compared to the allotted screen time, I feel that the changes made were acceptable. There are a few scenes that could have been added – and may be on the deleted scenes, fingers crossed – but I was overall pleased. As a chronic book-to-movie purist, that’s a pretty huge deal.

Jace playing piano

The cast was fantastic. The effects are superb. The heartache and the hangover are just as devastating as they were the first time I read the book. If you’re worried about disappointment, don’t.

Have a little faith!

Once the movie’s been out a bit longer and I’ve had the chance to see it a few more times, I’ll be posting a real review. For now, go see the movie as many times as you can. Get all of your friends to go see it with you. Show the critics that they’re wrong. Cassie, Harald, Jamie, Lily, Kevin, Robbie, Jemima, and everyone else who made this film so amazing worked far too hard and for far too long to be blown off with bad reviews!

I will protect you with my life.

~ Jace Vishus


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