Pasquale Morcos

pasqualeSocially awkward and yet very loud, I am Pasquale Morcos. A fangirl who is not afraid of squealing in bookshops when a new release comes out, who isn’t afraid at shouting at my friends when they pronounce a character’s name wrong, and who isn’t afraid of hugging strangers at a movie theatre if they come out crying after witnessing an amazing book-to-movie adaption. Practically living in my school library, I am the librarian’s best friend, often fangirling with the 40-something year old woman about new trailers, movies and books. Most of my friends are fangirls like me, but those who aren’t know not to insult my obsession, because I refuse to be held responsible for my actions of retaliation. With two large bookshelves in my bedroom, I still struggle to find space for my hobby of book-hoarding. Divergent, Wallflower, Augustitian, Soul, Witch, Tribute, Shadowhunter, Fallen Angel; I have lived many lives. And hopefully many more to come.

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